Top 5 Ways to Sanitize your Jewelry at Home

Jewellery is one of the most important things in life, particularly for a woman. This is what adds up to the beauty of others, and it is just as right to know how to take care of your accessories so that they can represent you longer and retain their quality and beauty.

You have a lot of stuff you can do to take care of them, aside from putting it inside a box or storing it in a really secure spot.

One tip you need to remember is to take extra care of jewelry that has been treated. There are different ways to get different forms of care in each of your jewels, you just need to do your homework on what the various things you should do are.

In thinking about what to use when preparing to clean your accessories, you should use ultrasonic cleaners with caution. However the following guidelines need to be remembered: first, ultrasonic cleaners should not be used to clean gemstones with oil, resin or glass-like material with surface-reaching breaks.

Next are natural gem products, including pearls, coral and amber. Other accessories that must be excluded from the use of ultrasonic cleaners are heat-treated gemstones, gems that have been coated with plastic or wax and, finally, gems that are prone to heat and temperature fluctuations.

It is important to know and familiarize yourself with the gems you have and what kind of cleaners you can use to clean them. The easiest way to clean your jewels is to use warm water, gentle dish soap and a soft brush. There are many accessories which can be scratched easily. That’s why it is important to be familiar with the types of jewelry and how to take care of them.

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