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All-weather tires provide excellent traction

All-weather tires allow for excellent traction in all road conditions. All-weather tires with their progressive tread pattern are made to drive on all road conditions in all kinds of weather, and they, therefore, hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem, the same emblem held by winter tires. This signifies that the all-weather tires have passed

All-weather tires versus all-season tires

When in the market for an all-year-round tire, you will need to decide whether all-weather tires or all-season tires are the better options for you. The main difference between the two is that the all-weather tires allow use even in the winter, which is only needed if the area where you live experiences snow and

All-weather tires allow for better traction in all road conditions

All-weather tires allow for better traction in all road conditions. This allows the all-weather tires to be used throughout the year, no matter where you live with all-weather tires holding the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem, the same place on winter tires, which signifies that they have been approved for winter use and can therefore

Safety should always be prioritized when driving

Safety should always be of high priority. It should always be on your mind when it comes to driving. Even before you get behind the steering wheel, you should check that the tires look ok and that they don’t look inflated. This means that before you start driving, you have already made sure that the

How non-studded tires can provide grip on ice and snow

When driving in winter conditions, you will need to have winter tires or tires that are approved for winter use. For that you have dedicated winter tires and all-weather tires. It is important to note that all-season tires shouldn’t be used during winter conditions. For the dedicated winter tires, they are to be alternated with

The advantages and disadvantages of all-weather tires and all-season tires

The main advantage of all-weather tires is that they hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake“ symbol signifying their approved use in severe winter conditions. This a real advantage if you live in an area that has severe winter weather and you prefer to use one set of tires year-round. The disadvantaged of the all-weather tires however are

When to use all-weather tires instead all-season tires

Both all-weather and all-season tires can be used during the warm months and both provide good grip on both dry and wet roads. The quality should be good as you do need a lot of the latest inventions of tire technology incorporated into the carcass and the tread. These inventions will help you extend the tire lifetime,