Why all-weather tires provide excellent traction

winter tires and snow tires

All-weather tires provide excellent traction as they have a tread pattern to allow for superior grip and traction on snow and ice, and in addition, they have excellent traction on many other road surfaces. This makes them ideal even for muddy, rocky roads, as well as snow and ice. The all-weather tires hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem, the very same held by both winter tires and snow tires, you can rest assured that snow and ice won’t be a problem. This emblem signifies that they have passed performance criteria on snow and ice. Recent testing has shown that all-weather tires perform just as well as winter tires on snow and ice and have the advantage over them as they can be used year-round. The all-weather tires are a combination of both winter and all-season tires. This allows them to drive in climates from hot summers to cold winters.

Having all-weather tires allows you to be prepared no matter when the first snowfall. In addition, the timing of when to place winter tires will not concern you. Winter tires are only allowed during specific dates. Usually, it is recommended to switch to winter tires when the temperatures stay below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. With the special rubber compound in all-weather tires, they are made to tolerate a wider range of temperatures, as they stay firm and flexible in cold and hot weather. Winter tires are only made to stay flexible in cold weather and do not tolerate warm weather. All-season tires differ from winter and all-weather tires in that they cannot tolerate temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This is also the reason they are not recommended in areas with winter weather.

All-weather tires like the Norman Solstice can offer you a car tire that can handle anything from snowy roads to hot summer asphalt. They also give you the flexibility to travel on different road surfaces and weather conditions without any worries. Innovations such as Snow claws, Groove lifts, Silent Groove design, and the driving safety indicator guarantees a state-of-the-art tire. Whether you have a car or SUV, traction and grip are of outmost importance. Of course, these tires come with the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake” emblem marked on their sidewall, the very same symbol found on snow and winter tires. With all-weather tires, you don’t have to forgo safety. If you own an SUV, you have the advantage that the 4-wheel drive allows for better traction. You should be aware that SUVs only give you an advantage when accelerating, not braking. The all-weather tires are an excellent choice for SUVs as these tires allow for outstanding grip and traction, which is essential with the more oversized vehicles like SUVs.

With the flexibility of all-weather tires, there is no need to invest in dedicated winter tires. The all-weather tires also eliminate the need to change out of winter tires in the spring and into winter tires in the winter.

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