Things to check on your car while you are at the gas station

winter and snow tires

As you often stop to fuel your car, there are also a few maintenance steps that you can take to ensure that our car will be in better condition, last longer, and be safer. One of the natural things to check while at the gas station is the tire pressure. Tire pressure is important to check regularly to ensure that you have the correct pressure in the tires. The pressure is not constant, as it will vary with temperature, so it is good to check it. Low tire pressure will negatively impact the performance. It can also damage the sidewalls. The wear of the tires also increases when you have low pressure in the tires, and so does the fuel consumption. This can quickly become an expensive ordeal if not properly checked.

In addition to checking the tire pressure, you should also check the condition of the tires. Look for damages to the tires like cuts or cracks. If you find visible damage to the tires, you should consult a tire service station. Checking the tread depth should also be done to ensure that you are above 5/32 inches of depth so that you have all the key properties of the tire intact. These are all quite easy to check while you are waiting for the car to be fueled up.

The pressure isn’t constant and will vary with the temperature. When you change to winter and snow tires from your all-season tires, you will need to check that the pressure in the new tires is at the correct level. Since you often change tires before the temperature drops below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, you will need to make sure that you top up with air as the temperature drops. You should also check it on a regular basis. For studded tires, you might also want to check if there is a sufficient amount of studs remaining on the tires.

Then check the oil to make sure that the oil level for the engine is at a satisfactory level; if you are low on oil, you will need to fill up the oil. Then check the windshield washer fluid. It is important that you have enough of it so that you can wash your windshield and keep good visibility. Then check the lights to see that all of them are working correctly and that no lights have to be replaced.

You can also now and then check the condition of the shock absorbers, where you can apply your body weight above the tire and see if the car returns to its original position without bouncing or if it will bounce before returning. If it bounces, you will most likely have to visit a car service station to have them replace the broken shock absorber. Most of these you don’t have to check at every stop at a petrol station, but when you have time, check them all.

Check that your spare tire is in good condition and that the spare tire has sufficient pressure so that you can make it to a service station if you would get a flat tire.

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