Drinking unpurified water can convey multiple diseases to an individual who will consume it. Illnesses such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. That it often leads to a person’s death because of intaking the polluted mineral. 

As per research’s estimation, almost 485, 000 people were killed because of diarrhea per year. This is how dangerous it is to drink contaminated water. That is why purification is being done to make sure that the water is safe to drink by the consumer.

However, the decontamination process takes too long before it is safe to say the water is already drinkable.

The water undergoes to ion exchange and coagulation; where the unwanted minerals that form hard water are being removed. Alum and other types of substances will be then added to the water and then flocs will follow to be created. After the first process of cleansing, the flocs and the water will go through the sedimentation. Where sediment filters appear and trap dirt particles to prevent the equipment from being poisoned.

The third method is filtration and granular activated carbon where herbicides, chlorine, and other pollutants are disregarded. 

As soon as all contaminants are removed, the water will undertake disinfection, killing all microorganisms. Carbon filters then will capture the impurities in the water; thus, only clean water will go up in the system. Before the purified water is stored, it will first undergo reverse osmosis. All the dissolved toxins that might have been missed in the previous stages are removed here. A sweet taste is also added to the water. 

These are the step by step procedure when it comes to filtering polluted water.

Nevertheless, the well water itself must also be properly maintained – especially those home well water. To hinder any of the bacteria and substances that may contaminate the procedure of disinfection. Additionally, clogged drains and sewer line repair and replacement will also be avoided.

To learn more regarding the top 3 well water treatment systems, read the infographic below brought to you by Mr. Rooter:

Top 3 Well Water Treatment Systems-01.png