The 3 Types Of Media to Publicize Your Business

Generating customer engagement is critical for a business to thrive, and in today’s digital era, employers must think of ways to promote their businesses by boosting their online presence.

Accordingly, as the COVID-19 pandemic has increased digital consumption, companies must leverage an opportunity to connect with customers and stay relevant. By improving online presence, employers do not just offer the chance to build their brand but also increase their credibility and manage reputation.

If you seek to do so, you ought to know that competition is constantly on the rise. It is crucial to understand what types of media you should consider that will match your brand’s needs best to get ahead of the competition.

There are three types of media to choose from to publicize your business. First is paid media or paid media advertising that includes any marketing strategy an employer pays for. These include paid search ads, shopping ads, social media ads, display ads, and more. This type of digital marketing strategy can quickly get you in front of a targeted audience at the right time.

The second is the owned media, which comprises digital marketing channels or any content your brand owns. Owned media includes email marketing campaigns, blogs, and social media posts. It can be an extension of your brand, which serves as a means for people to interact.

The third is the Earned Media that pertains to coverage or promotion of your brand through organic means. It is also the online equivalent of word of mouth. The earned media includes media coverage, guest posts, social shares, mentions, reviews, and more.

As a business owner, decide which type you will implement to promote and publicize your company. You can prefer to hire a reputable digital pr firm to help you with your digital marketing needs.

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