Change to winter tyres in November or December

Now when the winter is approaching, you might want to change to either winter tyres. Winter tyres are available as studded tyres that have metal studs or then non-studded tyres. The studded tyres have, as mentioned, small studs made of metal that are integrated into the tread in a way that they protrude and are able to dig into the road and especially ice. The studs create traction between the vehicle and the surface. Especially on icy surfaces, the studded tyres have exceptional grip as the studs dig into the ice and create good traction. This traction is needed to make sure that you can get the vehicle moving from a standstill, allow you to stay on the road through turns and prevent you from sliding, and it will allow you to brake and come to a complete stop.

Without a proper grip, you will be just sliding all over the place. The studs of new winter tyres are smaller than they were in the past, so you will have a good driving experience with them.  If you want to have the best grip on winter roads, then the studded tyre is the best option. Before mounting them on your car, you should check what regulations are in place for the period you can use them.  Once mounted on your vehicle, you will experience superior grip on all winter surfaces. This way you can feel safe when you are driving during the winter.

While most countries allow studded tires to a certain extent, they are banned in Poland and Germany. Germany is a gateway to the Alps for winter travellers from the North. It can cause some challenges for those who want to visit the Alps by car, especially since studded tyres are quite common in the Nordics and are often needed on the icy roads up there.

Those travellers need to plan and make sure that they change tires to non-studded tyres before they reach the German border or when they will need to fly down instead. They might otherwise be stopped at the border and forced to change tyres before continuing.

In central Europe, you might be required to use snow chains if you are driving in the Alps or on mountain roads. The snow chains can be purchased at most petrol stations in the area, and you can quite easily put the chains on and take them off, and they help when you have a lot of snow, as the chain help you gain traction.

For seasonal tyre changes, it is important that you get the timing correct so that you change in time before the winter weather arrives so that you can drive safely from the moment the winter weather arrives. If you haven’t changed yet, it is high time to change tyres. The longer you wait, the higher the probability is that the snow will arrive anytime, and if you expect snow in your area, it tends to arrive in November or December.

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