Why You Should Let Your Kids Eat Sugary Food

We usually associate sweets as one of our fond memories in life. On our special birthday, we devoured the cake. Halloween is about knocking on your neighbour’s doors to have different chocolates. The Easter bunny is all about the basket of candies. Indeed, eating sugary food has become part of our culture. 

However, parents can be slightly sceptical about their children eating this food. Do not worry! We will list some insane benefits of sugar that your kids love,  lessening yourconcerns. Below are the following: 

Source of Energy 

Sugar is an excellent source of an instant energy boost. That is why, when you let your kids eat chocolate like Cadbury favourites, they have a sudden energy surge. Nevertheless, as a parent, you must exercise caution because too much sugar will provide kids with too much energy, but only for a short period, leaving the kids sluggish for the remainder of the day. If sugar is consumed as part of a balanced diet, children should not experience spikes in their energy levels.

Sugar for Energy Storage

Sugar plays an essential part in human body metabolism because glucose found in sugar, if not used or converted into energy, is stored in your body cells as glycogen. This compound is an excellent supply of energy wherever it is required. However, too much glycogen stored in your body cells will be converted into fat, leading to weight increase and obesity.

Therefore, eating a piece of chocolate can give your kid the energy to perform all the physical activities in school without quickly getting tired. However eating a full block of chocolate in one go is not recommended.

Instant Mood Booster

We all have bad days, even kids. Consider giving kids party lollies or adding more sugar to their diet when your child is feeling down. Sugar contains a compound that causes your brain to create more dopamine, a hormone responsible for euphoria. It will lift your spirits and make you a little happy. Once again combine with a balanced diet.

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