Why all-season tires are the most used tires in North America

All-season tires are popular tires for the North American market when it comes to using tires for most of the year. All-season tires can handle all the seasons except winter season. Regardless if you experience summer, fall or spring weather, these tires will keep you safe and provide excellent grip and stability when driving.

Most states in US, will not experience too much winter weather, so there might not be needed to use winter-approved tires. You should change to winter tires or tires that are approved for winter use before the winter season arrive, however some all-season tires will be able to provide some limited grip on snow so that you can get to a tire service station to get your winter tires mounted. You can also use all-weather tires for those areas that have regular winters and you want to use only one set of tires.

All-season tires are available for SUV as well, so that you can get SUV all-season tires as well. If you have an electric car or a hybrid, make sure that the all-season tires are indicated for use on heavier vehicles, which is caused by the battery packs. Electric cars also have a higher torque, that can cause a higher wear if the tires are not indicated for this use.

If the areas that you live in experiences winter condition, then you pair the all-season tires with a set of winter tires to be used for the whole period where you would expect to have winter weather.

A challenge is always to change to winter tires before the winter weather arrives and then change back to the all-season tires once the winter weather won’t return. This can be tricky and thus it is good to have very good quality premium all-season tires that can handle well even if there would be some snow on the ground.

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