What You Should Know About Window Tint Film Warranties

Everyone has seen the car window tint that is supposed to keep the sun out of a driver’s eyes, and everyone has also seen the window tint film that supposedly keeps snow, rain and wind out of a car’s windows. Is there any real difference between the two? Can one really have a more secure car than with tinted windows? Here’s what you need to know about window tint and its ability to protect your car and its contents.

You might think that a clear window tint film is the same as a no-tint window tint, and that’s true for the most part. When it comes to actually using the film on your automobile, however, there are differences. Tinted films are available in two different forms: frosted and clear. The clear ones are the cheaper of the two, but they do have their drawbacks. They’re not nearly as effective at keeping the sun out, for example, and they don’t allow just as much light into the cabin.

On the other hand, a tinted film filled with a little glass powder is like a very thin window tint. It does a great job of blocking out the sun, and it allows a little bit of light into the interior. However, the glass tint can chip if something bangs into it. This isn’t usually a problem because glass tint is so cheap.

So how long does window tint last? It depends upon how much you use it. The less you use, the less time the film will last. You might want to find out exactly how much is used before you buy a new one and pay the extra money, or you could save by just buying a couple of window tint packages instead of one large package.

If you do find that the window tint is beginning to chip or fading, don’t panic. Most companies offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee. There are many different ways to make it more affordable. If you’re an excellent driver, for instance, you can get a discounted auto window tint.

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