What is CIAM?

Providing an excellent user experience is paramount for organizations as it helps foster loyal customers and attract new prospects. Moreover, when people have a pleasant encounter with the brand, they are likely to buy more and recommend the business to others.

This is why many invest in effective Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solutions to bolster customer experience while ensuring security in their digital platforms. With an efficient CIAM system, companies can securely collect and manage user identity and profile data. They can also control user access to the different applications and services provided by the enterprise. CIAM also involves the secure user identity verification of a customer to ensure that only legitimate people use the company’s services.

When consumers interact with a brand, they expect the experience to be as seamless as possible. If processes like signing up and logging in are ridden with friction, people might not stay long with the business. There are plenty of companies that already implement identity authentication technologies that reduce friction significantly.

Suppose businesses want to gain a competitive edge over other market players. In that case, they should integrate modern identity verification technologies like biometric multifactor authentication solutions into their CIAM system.

This method utilizes a combination of biometrics like facial modalities and other login credentials like a stored pattern swipe, or numeric codes, providing a layered defense against fraudulent account access.

During onboarding, the user can use their camera-enabled mobile device to take a quick selfie and upload a photo of their identity document to confirm their claimed identity. Once a trusted identity has been established, they can opt for biometric multifactor authentication for their account. The entire authentication process is done in just a few seconds, which minimizes friction significantly.

Integrating robust identity authentication solutions into the CIAM system proves beneficial in the long run. For more information on CIAM, keep reading this infographic from authID.