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Ways to Take Care of Your Locs

Locs or dreadlocks are an excellent protective style and an attractive way to wear natural hair. This type of hairstyle involves matting sections of hair and knotting them together to create a rope-like appearance. The styles of locs can be fashionable and unique but individuals who want this kind of hairstyle must know the process of maintaining it before getting started.

Accordingly, there are many ways to take care of locs, especially for those who want to maintain loc styles for long hair. Read on to know some ways for maintaining locs.

Hydration Treatment

Like any hair, regardless of style and texture, keeping it moisturized is essential in keeping it healthy and strong. As hair is tied up and locked in, locs can get dry and eventually break without proper moisturization. Therefore, moisturizing locs is crucial and you can do this by visiting a hair salon in Atlanta or doing it yourself at home. It is best to use hair oil and moisturizing spray to keep the dryness away.

Loc Detox

Hair products like gels, wax, and shampoo can leave residue on dreads. Such residues can accumulate over time and can give locs a slippery and coated feel even after cleansing them with shampoo. For this reason, it is advisable to try detoxing locs as it is an excellent way to deep cleanse locs and remove buildup.

Loc Repair

People’s hair is different from each other and therefore, has different needs. Irrespective of such differences, properly maintaining it is important as it will ensure that your locs stay in perfect condition. Loc repair can be done in various ways but the most common way to do this is by knowing how to properly clean locs. This include soaking locs well with water, applying residue-free shampoo, moisturizing, air dry or hair dry locs, and more.

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