Tires for electric and hybrid SUVs

SUV all-season tires

Tires for electric and hybrid SUVs should be tires that offer low rolling resistance, as this will give you the biggest benefit from your environmentally friendly SUV. Other things to consider are that SUVs and primarily electric and hybrid SUVs are quite a bit heavier than their combustion engine counterparts due to the weight of the batteries. This means that grip and traction are even more critical to allow for proper braking and even acceleration. In winter and snow tires, this becomes even more important as grip and traction are already significant when rolling on snow and ice. When looking for tires for hybrid and electric SUVs or any hybrid or electric car for that matter, look for tires with low rolling resistance that have good grip and traction.

Many SUVs leave the factory with SUV all-season tires as it is a tire that can handle most weather conditions while remaining a low rolling resistance tire. Rolling resistance is defined as the force resisting the motion when a body rolls on a surface. In other words, the resistance the tire encounters when rolling forward. In a tire, things that reduce rolling resistance are reduced tread depth, stiffer sidewalls, keeping adequate tire pressure, and tire dimensions. Many manufacturers also add silicon to their tires to further reduce rolling resistance.

The tire dimensions play a role, so it’s important to place the right size tires on your car or SUV when replacing the tires. The recommended tire dimensions are noted in your car manual.  If your SUV is currently equipped with 275/65R18 all-season tires, you need to replace these tires with the same size tires. This allows for the best performance and offers the lowest rolling resistance as larger tires increase the rolling resistance.

The Nokian Tyres One SUV all-season tires feature the latest technologies, offering uncompromising performance, durability, comfort, and safety on wet and dry surfaces while remaining low rolling resistance tires. They also come with the “Aramid sidewall technology” that significantly increases the strength of the sidewall, rendering them almost puncture-proof, and thereby come with their new pothole protection warranty, which states that the tire will be replaced if beyond repair. This way, you can enjoy your SUV even on rocky roads and off-road without worries. Nokian Tyres is a pioneer in the field of sustainable safety and offers low rolling resistance tires in their whole lineup of tires. This means a reduction in emissions, and even with electric SUVs, you will be able to go further on each charge.

Tires for electric and hybrid SUVs should have low rolling resistance and good grip and traction. The main reason for people choosing electric and hybrid SUVs is to save on energy and reduce emissions. Buying tires with low rolling resistance makes a lot of sense. It is equally important to keep tires adequately inflated and follow the manufacturer’s recommended tire dimensions for your SUV make and model.

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