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Tips for Managing Digital Distractions during Work Hours

We live in a time wherein we can find digital distractions anywhere. Today, we can easily access nearly anything and everything when needed, especially during the pandemic, wherein many companies opted for remote work setups. This working model continues until now, even as the pandemic restrictions have been lifted in different parts of the world.

The remote work setup offers different advantages for those looking for virtual assistant jobs Philippines. These benefits include flexibility, increased productivity, cost savings, and expanded career opportunities. However, remote work can also have disadvantages, such as digital distractions.

While being in the office does not automatically mean one is no longer prone to distractions, being preoccupied with other things tends to be more frequent in remote work setup, even for the best VA company Philippines. Some common sources of digital distractions during work are social media platforms, instant messaging applications, video streaming websites, online shopping applications, and games.

Remove the Source of Distractions

To mitigate distractions during work hours, removing the cause of the distraction itself is helpful. This can be done by turning off anything unnecessary during work hours. If one needs to use their phone for work, changing the settings to work mode and limiting the notifications that one receives can be beneficial. It also helps to try blocking any applications distracting during work hours.

Establish a Plan to Accomplish Tasks

Planning and embracing structure, even in a remote work environment, can be one of the most efficient ways to manage available time. Structure is required to accomplish tasks as it allows someone to make the most of their time and meet deadlines. Additionally, converting distractions into rewards after doing work can be a valuable solution to addressing distractions.

Using different creative tools, such as time to stay focused, can also be helpful. There are other productivity applications available that can help in staying focused during work hours. Some examples include time-tracking tools, docus tools, and project management tools.

Learning how to manage digital distractions during work hours can help virtual assistants remain focused even in a remote work setup. It is also vital to take a moment to pause when one finds themselves getting caught up with digital distractions. After doing so, it can be helpful to lay down a plan for the day and focus on accomplishing tasks one step at a time.