The difference when you drive an electric car

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There is are a few clear differences when you drive an electric vehicle and a combustion engine car. Electric cars are the future, and they are therefore growing in popularity. They are quiet and environmentally friendly as they don’t have any carbon dioxide emissions. The degree of how environmentally friendly they are will depend on how they were produced and how the battery packs were produced. The car tires will also impact, as they should be produced in an environmentally friendly way without the use of harmful high-aromatic oils.

The tires should have very low rolling resistance both to have a lower wear rate but also, more importantly, the driving range becomes greater so that you can cover longer distances with every charge. High rolling resistance forces the vehicle to consume more energy to get the tires to roll. This has traditionally led to more emission of carbon dioxide gases, higher fuel consumption, and more frequent tire replacements for gasoline-fueled vehicles.

The tires should have low tire noise as the electric motor doesn’t emit a high engine noise as a combustion engine does, so a high tire noise level can become quite disturbing. Having disturbing things like high noise levels will impact your driving comfort. Driving comfort will also depend on the vehicle’s suspension and the tire’s ability to stay firmly on the road.

Electric vehicles can cause higher tire wear as they are heavier due to the number of heavy battery packs needed to reach an adequate driving range. The wear is also accentuated by the higher torque caused by an electric motor, which will cause higher wear on the tires. Tire manufacturers will inform if their tires are recommended for use on electric vehicles. Only use tires that are recommended as other tires might wear out too fast.

Electric cars will need winter tires, like any other vehicle operating in winter conditions. The choice of winter tires will depend on the weather conditions. Here, you must select between tires that the manufacturers recommend for use on an electric vehicle. Nowadays, a range of tires are specifically developed for electric cars and not only tires developed for combustion engine cars that can also be used on electric cars. The advantage when they have been solely developed for electric cars, you know that everything has been taking into account, and it isn’t a compromise for them two fit two different types of vehicles.

Select studded tires if they are allowed, and you operate your electric vehicle a lot on icy surfaces. You also have the option to choose non-studded tires or winter-approved all-weather tires if you live in an area with unpredictable weather conditions. The important thing is that you do not try to drive with all-season tires in winter conditions as they are not approved for winter use and can’t provide sufficient safety.

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