Take care of your tires

all-season tires

Your car is only as good as its tires. If your tires are in bad condition or don’t have the correct tires for the season, your car will not be safe to drive. You need good quality tires to get the performance from your car while you drive. Without proper tires, you can’t take curves as fast as you want, nor will you be able to have the same high-speed properties.

Tires are very important. You will need to maintain them, check them, and also change them when necessary. You will need to have good quality all-season tires and then good quality winter tires that are optimal for the area where you live. If we start with when you buy new tires, it is important that you get the correct tires. Buying cheap tires is about your safety and the safety of the people in your car; the price shouldn’t be a key factor. You are traveling at high speeds, and you rely on the tires to provide you with the grip so that you can stay safely on the road and get the car to stop quickly to avoid any dangers.

Purchasing premium tires of high quality will give you ones that are safer and have lower rolling resistance. The rolling resistance is important in the wear profile of your tires, where high rolling resistance causes the tires to wear out quicker. It also causes the vehicle to consume more fuel. You will sooner have to spend money again on tires, and you will have to stop more often at the gas station to fuel up the car. This, as you can imagine, can become very expensive and quickly eat up any money that was originally saved upon the purchase of the cheaper tires. This is even without ending up in an accident due to the cheaper tires providing a worse safety profile.

For the winter season, the superior grip is even more important than during the summer. You can select between studded and non-studded tires, where the area tends to dictate your tire choice. More ice will lead to studded tires as the superior grip on ice. The non-studded tires provide a bit more flexibility, as no regulations are limiting their use.

Part of your maintenance of your premium tires, should include checking that the tread depth is above the recommended minimum level, that they tires are properly inflated and that you rotate the tires when you detect a difference of more than 5/64 inches. This tends to happen more frequently if you drive an electric vehicle of hybrid. You therefore have to measure the tread depth more frequently on them and thus also rotate the tires accordingly. When you inspect the tires, make sure that you noticing damages on the sidewall, or cracks in the rubber as that should be check out by a specialized tire service station.

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