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Improve your safety during the winter by using tyres approved for winter use

If you want to drive with good control and safety during the winter, you will have to go for winter tyres. If your tyres are not officially approved for winter use, that means that they are not meeting the performance criteria for winter driving. You can’t really expect your tyres to provide you with sufficient

How to prevent the car from aquaplaning in wet conditions

It is good to understand what aquaplaning is and what causes it. Aquaplaning happens when there is water on the road surface and the tyres are not able to remove the water effectively resulting in the tyre being pushed on top of the water layer and therefore losing the contact with the road. This is

Tyre options for your vehicle for the winter season

With the current autumn, we know that winter is approaching very fast.  Because of this it is important to start thinking of the tyre options that are available. If you live in an area that doesn’t really have any winter weather, it is easy as you can drive with your summer tyres the whole year.

Make sure that your summer tyres can survive the autumn

Check your tyres tread depth regularly to make sure that they remain safe to drive with. Tyres are very important for the driving safety. Driving without proper quality of tyres or using worn out tyres, is associated with great danger. If you have done your homework and made sure that you have invested in high