Strategies You Can Use to Avoid Bookmaker Limitations

Online bookmakers often limit accounts. Sportsbooks often place restrictions on bettors’ accounts to limit or decrease the amount they can bet or the number of their winnings. Online sportsbooks can place restrictions on bonuses and promotions.

Although it is difficult for some gamblers, an online sportsbook Singapore can monitor its users by limiting gamblers’ accounts whose behaviour can pose a risk to their business. There are many ways that sports bettors can prevent their accounts from being restricted by the sportsbook.

Sports bettors have the option to start small and slowly move at first, so sportsbooks will not limit their accounts as they place their Singapore sports bet. Sportsbooks usually focus on new accounts to analyse the betting habits of new customers. You might be able to start slowly with your betting by depositing a small amount.

Always Bet Round Numbers

Sports bettors should always bet in round numbers to avoid having their accounts banned or restricted. Instead of placing an exact amount of money, place wagers rounded to the nearest hundreds or tens of thousands. Arbitrage betting is a popular method of gambling that can often guarantee a profit for stakes, but sportsbooks don’t like this type of bet. They are easy to spot because they usually wager an exact amount of money.

Take into account your betting pattern

Your betting patterns as a sports bettor can also be helpful. The sportsbooks will also be watching for those who make identical wagers on different events and those who are frequently betting large sums of money. It is helpful to place bets instead on various sports events, not use the maximum stake allowed by the bookmaker, and avoid placing bets on minor leagues.

For more information about the strategies you can use to avoid bookmaker limitations, here is an infographic from 88ProBet.

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