Plumbing Issues During Winter and the Best Tips to Prevent Them   

The snow causes home plumbing issues. Ice and frigid temperatures can freeze your pipes, sinks, drains, and fixtures. Per plumbing companies, winter is the busiest part of the year for them as households have different trouble with their water system. Hence, extra attention and care are imperative for a comfortable and cozy snowy experience.

Being proactive before the cold affects you is the best solution. Below are the five common plumbing emergencies during winter, along with the best tips to solve them.

#1: Water Heater Malfunction

The upcoming winter is a bad sign for water heaters. Usually, these heating devices malfunction during this time annually. Such happens most of the time because people forget that it performs optimally in 10-12 years at maximum.

Rather than experiencing warm water disruption in your home, better seek professional inspection from water heater Punta Gorda FL services at least once a year to detect problems before the cold weather arrives.

When your hot-water tank already shows signs of tattering, a water heater installation Punta Gorda FL purchase may be the right decision.

#2: Frozen Sewer Lines or Septic Tank

Ground with no soil coverage is prone to freezing winter season arrives in a region. Your sewer lines and the septic tank is also vulnerable. Homeowners should not wish either of two to occur as both are dangerous to one’s health. Waste inside the lines or tank will gradually expand as it freezes and burst, damaging the pipes and contaminating the water supply.

Yet, one can avoid these disasters from happening through proactive practices. First, ensure that it gets pumped before the temperature reaches the freezing point for your septic tank. Second and last, set a schedule for a thorough inspection with the help of a professional plumber to find irregularities in your sewer line. In these ways, you can protect your loved ones from the colds of the winter and the risk of waste materials.

#3: Frozen Pipes

When the outside temperature drops to single digits, pipes that aren’t protected can freeze. Resolving this issue comes by insulating your pipes at home. Given that the tools and materials are available in the local hardware shop, you can do it alone. However, a lack of knowledge in pipe insulation means you need to hire a certified plumber to do it.

Aside from the insulating technique, residents may also try installing pressure-relieving valves to reduce the chance of water leaks when pressure builds up caused by freezing.

#4: Frozen Well Pump

Private wells are a common water source. With most well pumps located in-home or basements, wintertime can freeze them instantly. Such causes frustrating water interruptions. Restore your home’s water supply by thawing the pump.

#5: Leaking Water Lines

Leakage in your water lines is the result of non-insulation or undetected deterioration of pipes in your home’s overall water system. In warmer months, it is crucial to have your plumbing inspected. When repairs are already needed, do not waste time. Seek a plumber to fix the problems.

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