NJDEP Permit Compliance Isn’t Just a Good Idea… It’s the Law!

The Compliance and Enforcement (C&E) group of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has investigated more than 2,700 complaints and other environmental issues in the past years. Without these investigations, numerous ecological problems would have gone unnoticed. As a result, they could cause harm to people and potentially lead to environmental accidents.

Entities under the jurisdiction of the NJDEP are required to secure permits for their facilities and operations. This is to prevent a more harmful impact on air quality, water, and land if the company uses machinery or processes that emit pollutants. Non-compliance can result in fees, criminal liability, revocation of operating licenses, and other sanctions.

On the other hand, compliance with NJDEP regulations offers more advantages for the establishment besides having legal permission. One of which is building an environmentally sound reputation. This can help in improving brand awareness and marketability. Modern consumers increasingly prefer brands that show dedication and adherence to environmental laws.

Still, the permitting process is often ridden with complexities. It can also be time-consuming if the company staff takes care of it by themselves. Instead of handling the task independently, a practical alternative is to hire an NJDEP permit consultant. These experts are adept at acquiring the applicable permits for the facilities’ requirements. In addition, they have years of experience working with different federal, state, and local regulatory bodies.

For example, an air permit consultant NJ[JG1]  can help establishments determine whether they need a General Permit or a Preconstruction Permit. They possess extensive knowledge of the New Jersey state rules and federal laws surrounding air pollution.

NJDEP permit compliance should be followed and not treated as an option. Learn more about the matter through this infographic from Lockatong Engineering.

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