Make sure that your SUV has winter approved tires during winter conditions

All motorized vehicles that will drive during winter conditions, will need to have tires that are suited for those conditions. When you look for winter tires for an SUV, you will need to look for special winter SUV tires. For SUVs and other vehicles, there are studded tires and non-studded tiresin addition tosome winter approved all-weather tires. Tires should indicate if they are good for electrical cars, which is important to check if you are buying them for a hybrid SUV or electric. If you select tires for a hybrid SUV or electric car, that are not recommended for it, they might wear out too fast. Wear is higher on electric vehicles due to higher torque and their inherent higher weight caused by the amount of necessary battery packs to ensure a long driving distance.

Another factor associated with the higher wear with hybrid and electrical cars, it that you have to rotate the tires more frequently. When the difference in tread depth is 5/64 inches, between the front and rear tires, it is time to rotate them. You will need to track the tread depth so that you know when it is time to rotate. It might be that you will need to rotate 3-4 months to make sure that you can get more service life out of your tires. Even if you change between all-season and winter tires and you are used to make the rotation during these occasions, the higher wear with electrical cars might need you to rotate more frequently. To know when you will have to do it, you will need to measure and keep track of the tire wear. If you use all-weather tires, then you have to rely on your tracking of tread depth, as you are not changing tires between seasons. So even without having an electric vehicle you will need to rotate tires that you use for the whole season and are not alternating.

If you want tires that can offer some of the best tires, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 SUV is a great tire for real winter weather. It has been developed for the Nordic winter conditions, which are some of the toughest ones. They come with aramid sidewalls to make them more durable and puncture resistant, protecting your sidewalls from sharp rocks and objects. It is great for both petrol and electric cars. If you experience more icy winters and studded tires are allowed, then the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 SUV could be a great option. They also have aramid reinforced sidewalls and offer great grip and stability during the winter and are also recommended for use on electric vehicles.

The key is that even SUVs need proper winter tires for you to drive safely when you have snow and ice. Don’t get fooled by the rugged look of them, which might give a false indication that they would be able to drive through any type of terrain. Low temperatures can make even the most rugged looking all-season tires turn hard and make them lose a lot of their ability to create grip on even normal roads. If you then combine that with snow and ice, you will have very little grip to drive safely.

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