Inboard Boat Engine: A Basic Guideline

What Is An Inboard Engine

Marine inboard engine mounts can withstand large thrust loads and keep equipment in place in harsh weather conditions. 

How Long Can The Marine Engine Mounts Last?

The manual for marine engines states that the mounts of marine engines must be replaced at least once every 1000h or every four years. Other marine engine manufacturers make similar recommendations. Inspecting them when the ship is being maintained or any other maintenance work is done is essential. 

What is the best time to replace the mounts on my marine engine?

You can identify the signs of a worn-out marine engine mount by being aware of them. We have listed a list of signs that can help us recognise when a marine engine mounting needs to be replaced.

Vibrations are more intense.

You may notice greater noise or vibrations when you start your marine engine. This is a sign that the mount on your marine engine is damaged and needs to be replaced. The marine mount’s 

anti vibration properties will be reduced if it is damaged. A rise in vibrations causes the engine to produce more noise than usual. This can prove very harmful if it continues this way for long periods.

Excessive movement during the start/stop of the engine

You may notice excessive movement when the boat engine starts. This is another sign that the marine engine mount has been damaged or worn out. A constant vibration usually stabilizes the back-and-forth motion. However, it will reappear when you turn off your ignition.

Storm days: Excessive movement

A marine engine mount that needs replacement can often move excessively during storm days. You can also notice these shakings/hits when you increase your cruising speed. This happens because the engine is subject to larger shocks. Your boat’s engine mount may have been damaged, causing your motor to not run as smoothly as it used to.

Impact noises.

Wearing your marine engine mount can cause bumps or touches in the engine environment. This happens because your boat’s engine moves faster than normal and encounters other parts. This can cause impact sounds.

Wearing visuals

Rest support will show signs of corrosion such as cracks, unattachment or permanent deformations. Cracks can cause performance problems depending on the severity. The rigidity of the engine marine mounts determines their effectiveness. Any change in the rubber’s shape or hardness could be detrimental to the engine, propulsion shaft, and other components. You should immediately replace the marine engine mounts if you see these signs.

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