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How To Make These 5 Simple DIY Bathroom Scents?

The bathroom is an essential part of the household because this is where you do most of your private business. The cleanliness of your bathroom represents how clean you are as a homeowner. You might have visitors at home who may also use your bathroom, and if you want to maintain an excellent reputation, your bathroom should be taken care of.

The tricky part in maintaining a bathroom is the smell. For instance, the bathroom contains germs due to the urinary and fecal matter that goes to the toilet every day. Because of these components, there is a possibility that your toilet will get these awful odors if you fail to clean and scrub your bathroom regularly.

Another awful smell that you should be aware of is the smell of sewage that may come from your toilet or pipes. The bad news is that there may be a lot of sources why your bathroom smells like sewage—pinpointing the root cause of why your bathroom smells like sewage is harder to pinpoint than why it smells like urine or feces.

Sewage smell can be dangerous for your health since there are multiple chemicals present why the bathroom smells like this. These chemicals like methane are not only hazardous because of the effects that they have on our health. There are times where these chemicals are sometimes flammable in massive amounts.

Yes, tracking down where the smell comes from may be difficult, but the good news is it is not impossible. To find out where the sewage smells come from, you must understand how the plumbing in the bathroom works. For starters, you should look if the U-shaped pipe that runs from your sink drain to a larger wastewater pipe in the wall is where the smell is coming from. This pipe is the P-trap.

If your pipes are working correctly, the water stays in the P-trap after turning off the sink, emptying the tub, or flushing the toilet. The little water present in the P-trap is enough to keep the gases from staying in your pipes. Under normal conditions, those gases flow right past your bathroom and out through the vent pipe in your roof.

Methane is the most significant cause of sewer smell. However, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide can largely contribute to this smell. A clogged drain can also cause the pipe to smell. A clog can be easy to handle with the use of a plunger. You can also hire a plumber to do these services for you.

A blocked roof vent can also be one of the major causes of why the bathroom is smelling bad. If a roof vent is blocked, the smells in the bathroom cannot go away. It can be tricky to distinguish between a blocked drain pipe and a blocked flue, so homeowners often spend plenty of time focusing their efforts on a single tube.

Getting rid of bathroom smells is one thing, and making your bathroom smell good is another. Making your bathroom smell a certain way is an excellent way to set the ambiance of the bathroom. There are many choices in terms of what smell you would like to have in your bathroom.

These scents can come as air fresheners, scented candles, and bathroom deodorizers that can be bought at your local grocery store. However, if you want to save some money, you can always make natural bathroom scents that are considered as Do-It-Yourself. To know how you can do these natural bathroom scents, you can read this infographic from DURACARE Baths.

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