Her Jewellery: Ways to Make Your Custom-Made Jewellery Extra Special (Infographic)

Making a custom piece of jewelry can be a memorable and creative experience. Instead of selecting something from catalogues, you can create something unique to suit your tastes and personal style or for those who you’re gifting to.

It is possible to make an incredibly unique piece of jewelry by taking the time to create it. Particularly since the majority of jewelry stores in the Philippines sell the same designs. Here are some methods you can make your custom-made jewelry unique:


You don’t have to worry about the mass-produced designs. You can customize what you see. There are countless of possibilities to choose from including colors, materials, and styles to use.


One of the most sought-after pieces today are earrings, since it is able to fit any person without worrying size or length. Rings, on the other hand can be put on any finger, and women generally prefer these kinds of jewelry. They are easy to wear and look at. These are extremely fashionable these days. Many choose to embosse their names, dates that they have shared with their partners, promises or even declarations of love. A small piece of metal or stone can be a symbol of love and affection.


Apart from their connection to the month of birth Birthstones have many different meanings. They are associated with luck and love and words of affirmation such as everlasting adoration. And when we say stones, we don’t mean that they are only diamonds, there are amethysts, emeralds and rubies and lapiz-lazuli, citrine, and so on. Combining different stones can give your jewelry a distinctive look while adding more meaning to it, and also there’s a little sparkle.

Jewelries can be quite expensive like wedding rings in the Philippines however, if you’re getting your money’s worth it’s sure to make your someone special feel ecstatic, loved and appreciated more than you could ever imagine.

If you want to learn more about the different ways in making custom-made jewelries extra special, read the infographic below from Adeva Jewellery.