Distance and load will cause higher tire wear

All-season tires

With the property prices, more and more people choose to live a bit outside the city and commute. The commute might easily be an hour plus every morning and the same after work. The road infrastructure has improved so that areas that seemed far away a few years ago can now live in and commute. This means that the driving distances, even though you can reach work within the hour, are much further than before. This leads us to wear out the tires faster than we did if you look at it from a time perspective, not a distance perspective.

When you end up driving long distances, it is important to check your tires more frequently. Both a visual inspection of the condition and the tread depth combined with checking the tire pressure of the tires. If you are changing between all-season tires and winter tires between the seasons, then you will have a good time for a full inspection is done; if not, it is advisable to have a tire service station check the tires for you.

Many people have started switching to a different type of vehicle. From big cars to small cars and now people are again choosing bigger vehicles. The vehicle type with SUVs have boomed partly due to better safety record, and people find them stylish and practical to drive. There has also been a shift from gasoline towards hybrid vehicles or electric cars. Electric and hybrid vehicles are heavier due to the heavy battery packs needed to ensure that you can get a long distance using only an electric motor.

For electric vehicles and hybrids, you must purchase special tires that are recommended for this usage. For SUVs, you will need special SUV all-season tires or SUV all-weather tires if you don’t use winter tires, and if you have a hybrid SUV, you will need SUV–tires that can handle the extra weight and wear. The tires will need to be of the correct dimension that is specified for your vehicle. If you want the best performance, you should use all-season tires and combine them withSUV winter tires for the winter months. If the weather conditions in your area are such that it might not make sense to change between the seasons, you can then use winter-approved all-weather tires.

If you don’t use winter tires, it is even more important that you take care of the tire rotation to ensure that you don’t wear out your tires prematurely. Tire pressure is important to check since your tires will wear out even faster if you have low tire pressure. Commuting long distances has become a part of life, but you will need to make sure that your vehicle and your tires are in good condition. This requires that you will need to monitor your tires more carefully than others who drive shorter distances.

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