Buying a new SUV might warrant a different tire dimension

When you purchase a new SUV the tire sizes might change so if you are planning to use your SUV winter tires with your new vehicle you need to first make sure that the dimension is ok to be used. If your old SUV had 265/70R17 winter tires but your new SUV recommends using 275/55R20 winter tires, then you shouldn’t use them. The dimension isn’t the same. Your new SUV requires a bit wider tires, which might be because it is heavier and by increasing the contact area between the tires and the surface you decrease the surface pressure.

The tires are also requiring a larger rim size and the width/height-ration is different. If you are uncertain, it is always good to consult your car dealership or your tire shop to ask them for advice. Using the wrong dimension can impact your instruments so that the odometer and speedometer gives the wrong reading.

When you sell an old vehicle, it is often worth also trying to sell your other set of tires, as most likely you can’t use them on your new vehicle unless you are just purchasing a newer model and there hasn’t been any changes to the tire dimensions. You can always search the internet for the tire dimension that you will need and review the different options that are available. Make sure that if you are purchasing an electric or hybrid SUV that you check that the tire manufacturer actually recommends the tire for this use.

Since tires are a safety component of the vehicle, you need to make sure that the safety remains high and that the tires you purchase are premium tires for high quality that will last and keep you safe.

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