All About Necklaces

Have you ever been confused by all of the different types of personalised necklaces available on the market today? Have you ever done some research and compiled a short guide on the types of necklaces available to choose from? Are you uncertain as to which kinds of necklaces would be best suited for each different type of necklace? Have you ever purchased a necklace but now you just do not understand what type you should choose?

One of the most common lengths of necklace chain is the standard necklace length which is commonly eight inches in length. This is a great length because it can go anywhere and still look elegant. Some women do not care about the length, but they prefer the fact that their necklaces can go from casual to formal depending on the occasion. On the other hand, men usually like to wear longer lengths of necktie such as nine or ten inches in length, which gives the shirt a more belt-like appearance.

A great alternative to longer chains and neckties is coloured chains which can range from one colour to many. Many times you will see pink, green, light blue, purple, or even black chain used to denote the gemstones used in the necklace. While the gemstones may be small in size, the colours can make a difference in your overall look. You can choose various lengths depending on how many gemstones you would like to display on the chain. There are many different colours to choose from including red, yellow, orange, blue, and black, which can go with any type of outfit.

Another common length of necklace which is commonly worn is the lavaliere necklace which is around eight inches in length. The length of the lavaliere necklace is dependent upon the neckline that you are wearing, however. If you have a princess cut neckline then the length of the lavaliere necklace will be around six inches. Necklaces that are sleeveless around the neck can be up to two feet in length.

The last common length of necklace which is commonly worn by women is the negligee necklace. The length of the negligee neckline varies from below five inches to over seven and a half inches. Longer necklaces that reach past the elbow are also called tea ballerina length. Long necklines can be worn to either side of the waist and sometimes to the top of the shoulders. Generally speaking, a long negligee necklace that reaches above the elbow is considered to be conservative.

Plastron necklaces are generally worn with blouses and shirts that have a V neck or scoop neck shape to them. The plastron is usually the wider part of a shirt or blouse. While plastrons can be matched with tank tops and blouses, the most common combinations are a solid coloured plastron paired with a solid coloured tank top or shirt. Short-sleeved tank tops are perfect for plastron necklaces as the length allows for ease in moving around and pulling off the style.

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