A Definitive Guide for Selecting the Best Pool Table

Indoor games have become popular as people often choose to be in their homes’ safe space and be protected from unpredictable weather events during social gatherings. One of the typical leisure activities which provide healthy entertainment for family and friends is playing pool.

The convenience of having a pool table at home can ensure interesting competitive matches with your loved ones. It also is an excellent family heirloom, as most tables last-long and be antique, like a grandfather clock or a grand piano. To ensure a rewarding investment, purchasing a pool table should depend on different factors, such as the purpose, size, and quality of materials used for its components.

The first thing you must consider before buying a pool table is its size. Hence, selecting the size of your table would depend on its purpose, the players who will play on it, and the room space. It would be best if you allow at least five feet from the wall to the table on all sides to give players a chance to move around and aim with their long cue sticks.

Accordingly, it would be best to decide what features you are looking for in your table when buying one. Doing in-depth research can help you determine the best materials used to make the elements of the table.

Most playing surfaces are made with slate. Although there are alternative materials used for the table surface, such as wood and acrylic, none can compare with slate’s durability. Consequently, above the slate is the table fabric. Cloth made from a blend of wool and nylon and coated with Teflon can ensure a sturdy and stain-resistant material.

Furthermore, you should also decide the material you want for wooden components, such as the frame, leg, and rails. The frame, which supports the playing surface, and the legs, which support the whole table structure, should be made from solid wood to support the table and avoid breakage and sag. Likewise, your pool table rails should be made with long-lasting materials for it not to become “dead rails.” Thus, it would be best to check table rails made from natural gum or gum blends, instead of synthetic materials that dry out over time.

On the other hand, besides choosing the pool table made with high-grade materials, it will help if you make a budget for it. Determine how much you are willing to spend on your table. Indicate how much your maximum budget price when selecting table options. As pool tables can be a lifetime investment, you should also buy from a reputable manufacturer to ensure quality product warranty. They can help repair or replace defective products or their parts, saving you time and money. This infographic of Olhausen discusses how to select the best pool table.