A Beginner’s Guide to Live Sports Betting

Live sports betting or in-game, in-play, or in-running betting is a type of sports betting wherein bettors can wager on a sports event while it is happening. In live sports betting, bettors can bet or place additional bets based on how things are going during a game.

In live sports betting, bettors do not usually depend on predictions made before the game. American football, soccer, basketball, tennis, horse racing, boxing, and eSports are some sports players can wager on when participating in Singapore Pools live betting.

The types of live betting markets that bettors can explore mainly rely on the sport and the sportsbook they are betting on. One of the most common live bets is the traditional bet types, such as straight bets, money line bets, and handicap bets. In live betting, the odds for the traditional betting markets change in real-time based on the events that unfold within the game.

Another type of live bet is a proposition bet, also known as prop bets or specials. This betting market allows bettors to wager on events that occur within a game, series, or season based on the performance of individual players or teams. For example, a bettor can place skill-based proposition bets on how many field goals a kicker can make within a game or the number of goals or touchdowns of a player.

One of the benefits of live sports betting is the added excitement. While wagering on sports events and letting it play out already gives a rush of excitement, placing bets while it unfolds can be a thrilling experience for bettors. Live sports betting can offer excellent entertainment value and intense stimulation for those placing bets with SG Pools soccer odds.

Aside from the added excitement, another benefit of in-game betting is that there are no deadlines. Bettors do not have to worry about rushing to place their bets before the match starts. If they miss out on the pre-match betting markets, they can still watch the game and place their bets while the events unfold in the sports match. 

There is also a hedging potential in live sports betting as bettors are not locked into the loss that can be incurred from the pre-match bet. Bettors can hedge their bet if things are not unfolding in one’s favor. Hedging a bet involves placing wagers on a different outcome than the original bet.

For more details about live sports betting, here is an infographic from 88ProAsia.