5 Roofing Pests that Can Damage Your Roof

Have you ever wondered about the danger of pests infesting you roof? The usual place that people think of when they think of termites is underneath the home. However, that is only because most people consider the damage a termite will cause to your home when the damage a termite will cause to your home when damage is below ground level. There are other places where termites will infest and be a threat to your health and the safest of your family and pets. Continue reading to learn about the three most common places where termites are a threat and how to help prevent this dangerous problem from becoming a bigger problem for you and your home.   

Your roof is usually the first place that people think of when there is a termite’s infestation in a home but it is not the only place. Remember, all Termite control services and materials are sold in bulk so there is a good chance that if your home has been infested by these pests, they have made their home in the rafters, beams, insulation, and even behind wall cavities and around windows and doors. This makes it very important to get your home threated for termites as soon as possible and to take all precautions to prevent these pesky insects from entering your home

Preventions is always better than the cure so if you are somewhere in Teays Valley WV roofer be sure to check under your stairs and in your basement for termite eggs. You can also use termite repellent as well as termite baits to keep the infestation away from your home. Also, it is important to place the baits throughout the house so that it is not only the roof that is attacked but only wood that can be damaged. Be sure to call a professional in the area who can inspect your home and tell you how to prevent the infestation from occurring and protecting your family from harm.   

Feel free to know more about the other roofing pests and where to see a reliable Teays Valley WV roofer from the infographic below.