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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass Lawn

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A lawn is considered one of the most valued parts of any Australian home. After all, this is the area where memorable moments with your friends and family take place. Therefore, homeowners must make the most out of this space. Many people still linger with taking care of natural grass lawns despite its expensiveness and tedium.

As artificial grass’s technology and manufacturing processes continue to improve, so as the quality and lifespan. If you still can’t let go of your natural grass lawn, let us tell you why artificial grass is all the rage right now.


At first look, you may find it expensive. Generally, the artificial grass cost for installation ranges from $12 to $45 per square meter. Assuming that you have a 40 sq m lawn, you’ll spend at least $480 to $1800 excluding extra fees. But take note that upon installation, you won’t need to do regular maintenance like watering, mowing, feeding, and aerating, which can be more expensive in the long run.


An artificial lawn has an average lifespan of twenty-five years, depending on where you buy. If you purchase high-quality fake grass in Melbourne, it can withstand the dry heat of an Australian summer and soak up the rainfall of a tropical wet season.


You can have a velvety green lawn without the hassle of spending your weekends on it. Despite being made of synthetic material, artificial grass nowadays looks and feels like the real one. Make sure to invest in superior faux grass to achieve that effect.


If you think that natural lawns are overall good for the environment, you’re wrong. Although it’s a living organism, it’s very needy for water and chemicals to look healthy. It takes gallons of water and a good amount of fertilizers to achieve its green hue. For artificial grass, you can maintain it without using too much substance.

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