4 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Home renovation is an expensive project. But to save on costs, you can always take it a step at a time, focusing on a single room before moving on to the next. For starters, we recommend upgrading the bathroom.

You might think, “Upgrading the bathroom sounds expensive!” Fortunately, there are numerous cost-effective improvement solutions you can try. For instance, the most affordable water heater price in the Philippines can bring tremendous change.

From new heater price Philippines to better lighting, here are four budget-friendly bathroom upgrades:

Replace Faucets and Shower Heads

Often, the smallest of things can make the biggest impact. In this case, consider replacing your old faucets and showerhead with newer ones.

You can opt to buy a rain-style model for added practicality. This showerhead makes bathing much more comforting and adds a touch of luxury to your otherwise simple bathing space. Additionally, getting new faucets can make your bathroom look fresh and clean.

Consider matching your new fixtures with the overall design of your bathroom. For example, you can get copper-colored faucets and showerheads for a cabin or a farm-style powder room.

Improve Lighting

Changing all the lighting fixtures in your bathroom can completely transform it into a luxurious space with minimal effort. Instead of setting for a simple light bulb, allow your creativity to take over and look for stylish lights.

You can buy lights to hang over the sink or bathtub in most hardware stores. You can also try installing scone lights on the sides of your vanity. Additionally, replace old bulbs with LED lights for increased brightness and cost-efficiency.

Increase Storage

One of the most common reasons why bathrooms tend to look messy is because of accumulated clutter. You may have plenty of shower essentials but not enough room to store them, so we recommend purchasing extra storage.

IKEA and many other furniture stores offer practical storage options that do not take up too much space. If possible, you can also recess a cabinet and install larger shelves.

Install a Shower Heater

For a practical bathroom upgrade, purchase a new instant water heater for a constant hot water supply. These handy fixtures are easy to install and come in various shapes and colors to match any bathroom style.

For highly innovative bathroom water heaters, we recommend contacting Rheem Philippines.