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Month: September 2020

Personal Injury Claim – Know Your Rights

Injuries obtained from vehicular accidents are among the expenses covered by some insurance policies. Victims may file a personal injury claim to receive compensation from these events. While insurance providers can cover minor injuries and medical checkups, these victims may not be getting the right recompense for their sufferings. Since people are rarely involved in

How non-studded tires can provide grip on ice and snow

When driving in winter conditions, you will need to have winter tires or tires that are approved for winter use. For that you have dedicated winter tires and all-weather tires. It is important to note that all-season tires shouldn’t be used during winter conditions. For the dedicated winter tires, they are to be alternated with

Attention au temps instable de l’automne

Le temps en automne peut être vraiment instable, vous pouvez passer d’un temps agréable à un temps très venteux en passant par une forte pluie avec de grosses baisses de température. Lorsque la température baisse, que le vent se lève et que vous avez une pluie passagère, ce qui est suffisant pour vous donner des

Make sure that your SUV has winter approved tires during winter conditions

All motorized vehicles that will drive during winter conditions, will need to have tires that are suited for those conditions. When you look for winter tires for an SUV, you will need to look for special winter SUV tires. For SUVs and other vehicles, there are studded tires and non-studded tiresin addition tosome winter approved

Uudet talvirenkaat lisäävät turvallisuutta

Ero uusien ja vanhojen renkaiden välillä voi olla ratkaiseva asia onnettomuuksien välttämisen kannalta. Uusilla renkailla on parempi urasyvyys kuin jo käytetyillä renkailla. Vaihda aina uusiin renkaisiin, kun kulutuspinnan urasyvyys saavuttaa 4 mm. Talvirenkaiden kulutuspinnan syvyys on tärkeämpää, koska renkaiden on kyettävä käsittelemään lunta ja lunta. Urasyvyys on tärkeä myös kesärenkaille, koska sinun on pystyttävä pitämään